E Type Series

E Type Series

The Jaguar E Type (XK E) was first unveiled in 1961.  The Jaguar E Type was produced from 1961 to 1974 and developed through a range of Series.

The Series 1 (Series I) 3.8 litre was produced from August 1961 to October 1964.

From December 1964 to July 1967, the Series 1 (Series I) 4.2 litre was manufactured. In 1968, Jaguar developed and rolled out the Series 1.5 (Series 1 ½) 4.2 litre. The Series 2 (Series II) 4.2 litre came out at the end of 1968 and was produced until December 1970. The final series, the Series 3 (Series III) 5.3 litre V12, was manufactured from July 1971 to November 1974.

The variations available included:

  • Open Two Seater (OTS) (also known as spider, cabriolet/cabrio, roadster, drop head, soft top and convertible);
  • Fixed Head Coupe (FHC); or
  • Two Plus Two (2+2).

The early 3.8 litre models had either a:

  • Flat Floor; or
  • Non Flat Floor.

The flat floor was phased out after the Series 1 (Series I) 3.8 litre.

Cars were made for both the British and export market with the E type being known elsewhere as the XK E or XK-E.  


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